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  • QHY5's noise

    05 janvier 2011

    Bored by the QHY5's noise ? Just try these simple advices : How to reduce the QHY5's noise (step 1) To be continued... Best regards !

  • Cooling the new QHY5

    23 mars 2011

    Some newly produced QHY5 don't have any hole behind the cmos sensor for cooling, but a solution exists ;-) Cooling the QHY5 imager/autoguider (step 1.5) Best regards !

  • I'm still alive !!

    04 juillet 2011

    Hello folks ! Sure, I'm still alive, but I'm really really busy ! My 16 months old daugther and my just born son eat all my available time ;-) Best regards !

  • Peltier TEC and heat sink nice links

    20 juillet 2012

    If you're a bit confused by the Peltier and Seebeck effects, there is a very insteresting FAQ written by Tellurex (a Peltier modules producer) : link If you want to know your stuff's thermal resistance, just go there : link Best regards !

  • Another Peltier TEC FAQ

    27 juillet 2012

    I found an other interessting FAQ about the Peltier TEC and effect : link Best regards !

  • Qastrocam-g2 source code migrated to subversion

    19 mars 2013

    Hi again ! The qastrocam-g2 source code has been migrated from CVS to subversion on sourceforge. CVS was a bit outdated ;-) Best regards !

  • QHY5 cooling step 2 updated

    03 septembre 2012

    Please have a look at my first results on the QHY5 TEC cooling ! Cooling the QHY5 imager/autoguider (step 2) Best regards !

  • qastrocam-g2 4.9.1 has been relased

    29 avril 2013

    qastrocam-g2 4.9.1 has been relased. It's the last version using Qt3. See this post for details : qastrocam-g2 4.9 to be released soon Best regards !

  • AstroFocuser v1.1 update

    24 octobre 2012

    Two small fixes for AstroFocuser : - The FWHM should now be accurate if you just have one star in the window - It use a bit less of CPU time. Best regards !

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