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What is Qastrocam-g2 ?


    Qastrocam-g2 is a fork of Qastrocam link, a very nice software dedicated to astronomy and video capture on GNU/Linux.



Does Qastrocam-g2 really work ?


    Qastrocam-g2 took the following pictures...




The Moon




M13 20100630


The Hercules Cluster (M13)















What does Qastrocam-g2 look like ?


    It looks like that :





Which camera can I use with Qastrocam-g2 ?


    Qastrocam-g2 use the V4L and V4L2 kernel API, and a native driver for the QHY5 camera. Not all the V4L palettes are supported. Just have a look at the following palette support list :



V4L obsolete APIs : basic support

Palettes : YUV420P, RGB24, GREY


V4L2 APIs : full support (almost...)

Palettes : RGB24 , UYVY, YUYV, YUV420, GREY, BA81, JPEG, S505



Does Qastrocam-g2 support specific features for my camera ?


    Qastrocam-g2 is able to use hardware cropping and scaling for V4L2 devices if available. It also manage special settings for the Philips Webcams (Vesta, Toucam, etc.) like shutter speed, noise, sharpness, etc.


    Support of special feature of the EASYCAP DC60 frame grabber is on the way.



Does Qastrocam-g2 support long exposure for my camera ?


    Qastrocam-g2 manages serial or parallel controlled long exposures for all V4L2 devices. For the Philips Toucam cameras, it also supports the "LED" long exposure mod.



My camera gives raw pictures with a bayer filter. Can Qastrocam-g2 handle this ?


    Qastrocam-g2 is able to de-bayer (demosaic) your frames. It can extract the luminance only, separate colors (RGB) or demosaic using the "Nearest Neighbour" or "Bilinear" methods.

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