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  • Back to work...

    28 juin 2010

    After these lazy days, I'm back to work. Coming soon : - Add a piggyback to your Meade ETX - The spc900nc led long exposure mod Bonus : Jupiter, with it's two bands (last summer)

  • Hercules cluster

    30 juin 2010

    Most of the time, the first deep sky object shooted is M42, but my first M42 is really ugly ;-) So, I post my second deep sky object : M13

  • Qastrocam-g2 4.8 RC2

    10 juillet 2010

    Qastrocam-g2 4.8 RC2 is out. You may download it and try it ! Please report any bug. link Changelog : link

  • Two years of learning

    04 juillet 2010

    Two years separate these two pictures : My first Saturn : My last one : I wish you a clear sky ;-)

  • My first Moon

    06 juillet 2010

    After my first Saturn picture, my first Moon, with a low cost 114/900 and a low cost cmos webcam. The colors are natural, no processing. Have a nice week !

  • QHY5/Qastrocam-g2 first light (part 2)

    01 juillet 2010

    This is a first try for M13. F 1000, F/D 8, binning 2x2, 150x4 seconds frames aligned, gain 40%, dark substraction.

  • ...and now...shame on me...

    07 juillet 2010

    ...my first Jupiter ! Please don't laugh... My second Jupiter is a bit better ;-) Best regards !

  • Qastrocam-g2 4.8 Released !

    15 juillet 2010

    The RC2 looks stable, so it becomes the 4.8 final ! Have a clear sky !

  • Qastrocam-g2 4.9

    20 octobre 2010

    Work on Qastrocam-g2 has started. Planned features : - a better QHY5 support - nexstar/synscan support - ... and...many bug fixs ! If you need some features on qastrocam-g2, just let me know on sourceforge ;-) link I wish you a nice night !

  • Jupiter one more time...

    10 octobre 2010

    This picture from Jupiter, taken in october 2010 is a bit better. Io is there. I forgot to remove my QHY5's bias current. Have a nice night !

  • Yet another ETX70 tweak

    17 novembre 2010

    Just have a look at this really simple focus reminder tweak on my ETX70. ETX70 focus reminder Best wishes !

  • Meade ETX70 tests

    06 novembre 2010

    I also tested my Meade ETX70 usind WinRoddier. My ETX is really good ! Wavefront : Ronchi : Final results : Best regards !

  • TTL outputs on USB (windows side)

    30 janvier 2011

    This hack can be used on windows too : Add TTL outputs to your USB Laptop (Part 3, Software on Windows) Demo on Vista : Best regards !

  • Meade ETX piggyback

    15 novembre 2010

    I really like to tweak my Meade ETX70 ! Just have a look at my ETX piggyback. Piggyback on Meade ETX telescopes Best regards !

  • Qastrocam-g2 and the QHY5's st4 port

    02 décembre 2010

    Qastrocam-g2 4.8 was allready able to guide using the QHY5's ST4 port, but I didn't post this small test movie. Sirius is "moved" in the four directions using the QHY5's ST4 port and my EQ5 modification ( Add an ST4 port on the EQ4/EQ5 motor drives )...

  • Do you know WinRoddier ?

    05 novembre 2010

    WinRoddier is a very nice application, able to compute most of your telescope defaults with intra and extra focus pictures. link WinRoddier on a "LidlScope" (Bresser Skylux achro 70/700) : Wave front : Ronchi : Final results : Pretty nice for a low cost...

  • M42 with the QHY5

    13 décembre 2010

    I'm still working on the QHY5 support on qastrocam-g2. Things are going well ;-) My first real deep sky with the QHY5 : 14x20s frames, gain at 50%, D=120mm, F=500mm, IR filter This picture needs more pre-processing, but the QHY5 can give nice deep sky...

  • Polar finder illumination

    27 janvier 2011

    Hi ! Please have a look at my polar finder illuminator. Very usefull ! Polar alignment scope illuminator Best regards !

  • TTL outpouts on USB (Windows side, part 2)

    02 février 2011

    Hi ! This hack works with PHD Guiding now ! Have a look at the updated page : Add TTL outputs to your USB Laptop (Part 3, Software on Windows) Best regards !

  • Troubles with your cheap polar alignment scope ?

    26 janvier 2011

    If you have troubles with your polar alignment scope, have a look at my tips : Tune your EQ5 polar aligment scope Best regards !

  • QHY5 cooling

    19 juillet 2012

    The QHY5 peltier tec cooling is on the way. I'm waiting for my new module to arrive. I updated my page a bit : Cooling the QHY5 imager/autoguider (step 2) To be continued... Best regards !

  • astrofocuser on ubuntu 10.04 LTS

    06 septembre 2012

    If you want to use astrofocuser on ubuntu 10.04 LTS, you have to set the visual effects of appearance settings to "Normal" : Best regards !

  • Star focus helper for Linux

    06 septembre 2012

    I just wrote a simple tool in order to help star focusing under GNU/Linux. This tool just compute the FWHM of the picture behind it. Link : link Screenshot : It needs Qt 4.5 or above. It's just a pure Qt / C++ app, it should also work on windows (but...

  • Thx8411's pages

    30 mai 2010

    My first post ! Hello every one ! I'm a 35 year old father, living in France, and I love Astronomy. I spend many times on DIY astronomical stuff. This blog is there to share this stuff ! I hope it could help someone. Best regards ! Thx8411

  • I'm back...

    27 juin 2010

    Sorry for the long absence, but I was on vacation in the French Pyrénées. Nice trip, but cloudy nights :-(

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