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18 mars 2013 1 18 /03 /mars /2013 22:09

Hi !


I worked a bit on astroavibrowser. See the changelog :


Vers. 0.4

- max frame building

- sum frame building

- median frame building

- mean frame building

- buttons refresh bug fixed

- libavifile not needed anymore

- ffmpeg deprecated APIs removed

- framerate bug fixed

- now builds with cmake

- source package can be build with cpack

- output can be forced to RGB24 instead of Y800

- tweak added for gstream raw DIB negative height bug

- binary name changed

- help file added

- deb package can be build with cpack

- rpm package can be build with cpack

- memory release bug fixed

- autoselection added

- memory leak in processing module fixed


I will now ditribute rpm and debian package, for both i385 and amd64

architecures. It will be released soon...


Download page : link




Best regards !

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