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    The philips spc900nc is a nice webcam, used by many amateur astronomer for planetary imaging and guiding. It owns a low noise ccd sensor, and can easily be modified for long exposures. There is many ways to cool this cam in order to reduce de sensor's noise. I will explain you the very simple cooling I use on my camera. It only needs a small fan.


How to do it :


    I previously mounted my camera in a small plastic box, with a 1 1/4" adapter. I just added a small vga fan on the back of the box. This camera is just air-cooled, but it works fine !




Results :


    The first and the second pictures are 60s dark samples, gain at 50%, ambiant temperature at 20°C.


    Fan OFF :






    Fan ON :



spc900 cooled median 

  spc900 cooled histogram



    To be continued...

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