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  • Qastrocam-g2 news

    15 juin 2010

    I'm working hard on Qastrocam-g2 4.8 these days. I will upload a release candidate in a few days. Qastrocam-g2 4.8 adds many new features like : The QHY5 cameras support (imager and guider port) The night vision mode Frame calibration (bias, dark, flat)...

  • Periodique error with Qastrocam-g2

    20 octobre 2010

    The first feature I added to qastrocam-g2 was the ability to produce text files storing all the autoguiding corrections. To produce this file, just choose "File" as a dummy telescope. These files are formated like Iris files, and thus can be processed...

  • Jupiter and the lost band

    09 octobre 2010

    After a long long absence, finally a new post ! I previously posted a picture with the two jupiter's cloud bands. We can clearly see the two bands on this picture from july 2009 : This new picture shows jupiter with only one band this summer. The picture...

  • QHY5 noise tests

    01 décembre 2010

    After my QHY5 passive cooling modification this summer, I made some noise tests at "high" ambient temperatures (about 20 celsius) : Cooling the QHY5 imager/autoguider (step 1) I made some more winter tests at low temperatures (about -5 celsius this night)....

  • Qastrocam-g2 on ubuntu 12.04 LTS

    29 juin 2012

    Hi ! Sorry, I'm still very busy, so qastrocam-g2 isn't maintained any more. Canonical introduced many changes in the last Ubuntu release, and qastrocam-g2 is getting harder and harder to run on this distribution. If you want to use qastrocam-g2 on the...

  • Smaller windows for Qastrocam-g2

    05 août 2012

    Hello ! I use qastrocam-g2 on my laptop, but also on my netbook. 1024*600 is really tiny. If you want smaller windows for qastrocam-g2, you can use "qt3-config", with the "Polymer" style. Just install these two packages, and choose "Polymer" once qt3-config...

  • A very low cost B/W camera

    12 août 2012

    Hello ! I found a very low cost B/W camera for planetary imaging on ebay. Follow this link : link I just received my new toy yesterday. It's Point Grey Research FireFly MV, with an 1/3" CMOS with global shutter, able to reach 30 to 60 frames per second...

  • Astroavibrowser 0.4 rc2

    18 mars 2013

    Hi ! I worked a bit on astroavibrowser. See the changelog : Vers. 0.4 - max frame building - sum frame building - median frame building - mean frame building - buttons refresh bug fixed - libavifile not needed anymore - ffmpeg deprecated APIs removed...

  • astrofocuser updated to vers. 1.1.2

    23 mars 2013

    Hi ! I worked a bit on astrofocuser. No new features, just a better packaging. See the changelog : Version 1.1.2 now builds with cmake source package generation added debian package generation added rpm package generation added icon added desktop entry...

  • qastrocam-g2 4.9 to be released soon

    28 mars 2013

    Hi ! I will soon release the qastrocam-g2 last version, 4.9. This version will be the last "old style version". The next version (5.0) will introduce many changes (building with cmake, new package generation, qt4 migration, libavifile suppression). Version...

  • qastrocam-g2 5.0 progress

    29 avril 2013

    I worked a lot on qastrocam-g2 5.0, more 4000 code lignes changed... Changes planned : - Uses cmake for building, instead of the old automake/autoconf system. - Better dependencies management, less libraries required. - The old libavifile library as been...

  • Qastrocam-g2 progress

    11 juillet 2012

    Hi ! I'm working a bit on qastrocam-g2. A new beta is available. The qwtplot3d library isn't needed anymore. It compils on ubuntu 12.04 LTS (V4L1 access removed). I'm still working on the Philips cameras support over V4L2. The 4.9 release won't add any...

  • Qastrocam-g2 Philips cameras support on ubuntu 12.04 LTS

    14 août 2012

    Hello, I'm still working on the philips cameras support on the new kernels. The pwc driver available with the ubuntu 12.04 LTS is bugged and imcomplete. Our cameras won't work on this release. If you really need to use your webcam, I recommend you to...

  • Simple and usefull stuff

    22 juin 2013

    Not related to astronomy, but simple and usefull stuff. My photo manager, ShotWell, stored all my photos in a /year/month/day/ tree. I wanted all my photos to be stored by month only (/year/month/). I have more than 8.000 photos (30 GB), so, I wrote a...

  • Cameras cooling

    08 juin 2010

    I'm currently trying to cool my cameras to reduce thermal noise. Please have a look on my two last mods ! Cooling the QHY5 imager/autoguider (step 1) Cooling the philips spc900nc webcam (step 1) Best regards !

  • Missing centronic port

    10 juin 2010

    Annoyed by your missing centronic port ? You still use an antique laptop because of this damned parallel port ? Just look at this Add TTL outputs to your USB Laptop Best regards !

  • Fly me to the Moon...

    15 juin 2010

    Feel free to ramble on my last Moon mosaic. Hope you enjoy ;-) Best Regards !

  • EQ5 motor drive ST4 port

    16 juin 2010

    I finaly modded my EQ5 motor drive to add an ST4 autoguide port. I'm pretty proud of it ;-) Have a look : Add an ST4 port on the EQ4/EQ5 motor drives Have a clear sky !

  • Saturn meets the Moon

    17 juin 2010

    One of my first pictures, The Moon/Saturn conjonction, with all it's defaults : bad exposition and "Bayerized", but I like it ;-) Have nice night !

  • Qastrocam-g2 FAQ

    18 juin 2010

    Qastrocam-g2 really needs more documentation. There is only one available documentation is an incomplete pdf file wrote in French. I will add some documentation here. The FAQ is on the way ! Feel free to add a question by writing a comment ! Qastrocam-g2...

  • Back to work...

    28 juin 2010

    After these lazy days, I'm back to work. Coming soon : - Add a piggyback to your Meade ETX - The spc900nc led long exposure mod Bonus : Jupiter, with it's two bands (last summer)

  • My QHY5's LED was to bright...was...

    29 juin 2010

    Don't you think your QHY5's LED is to bright ? This mod could help you ;-) Removing the QHY5's LED

  • Hercules cluster

    30 juin 2010

    Most of the time, the first deep sky object shooted is M42, but my first M42 is really ugly ;-) So, I post my second deep sky object : M13

  • QHY5/Qastrocam-g2 first light (part 1)

    01 juillet 2010

    First light for the QHY5/Qastrocam-g2 duet. M13 and the Moon. I still have to process the M13 movie, but Tycho is ready ;-)

  • QHY5/Qastrocam-g2 first light (part 2)

    01 juillet 2010

    This is a first try for M13. F 1000, F/D 8, binning 2x2, 150x4 seconds frames aligned, gain 40%, dark substraction.

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