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29 avril 2013 1 29 /04 /avril /2013 22:04

I worked a lot on qastrocam-g2 5.0, more 4000 code lignes changed...


Changes planned :


- Uses cmake for building, instead of the old automake/autoconf system.

- Better dependencies management, less libraries required.

- The old libavifile library as been replaced by libav/ffmpeg.

- The migration form Qt3 to Qt4 is almost done.

- qastrocam-g2 becomes a "pure"  Qt4 app. No Qt3Support needed.

- Packages also available for rpm distributions (packages build on Mageia 2)


qastrocam-g2 on Qt4 snapshot :



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Ctibor 19/09/2013 22:47

Got it build on my gentoo box.

Anyone intrested in my quick and dirty ebuild can get it on http://git.brancik.cz/cgit.cgi/gentoo-overlay.git/tree/sci-astronomy/qastrocam-g2

thx8411 20/09/2013 13:06

Thanks for your help !

Ctibor 19/09/2013 15:26

Great news. I will try it as soon as possible!

Max 06/08/2013 13:02


you're recommending Tom's QHY5 drivers, unfortunately his site if offline since 2010. Do you know any alternative source for the QHY5 linux drivers?



thx8411 06/08/2013 13:42


The QHY5 drivers for linux can be found in the INDI project, on sourceforge. Follow this link :



Best regards.