Samedi 22 juin 6 22 /06 /Juin 20:43

Not related to astronomy, but simple and usefull stuff.


My photo manager, ShotWell, stored all my photos in a /year/month/day/ tree. I wanted

all my photos to be stored by month only (/year/month/).


I have more than 8.000 photos (30 GB), so, I wrote a small script moving

all the files in the parent directory, in the recursive manner, removing all the

empty folders once the job done.


My script :




# get all the full files names

find . -type f | while read -r file do

    # for each file

    # remove the file base name

    folder=$(dirname "${file}")

    # remove the folder name

    subfolder=$(dirname "${folder}")

    # move the file to the sub folder

    mv "${file}" "${subfolder}"


# remove all the empty folders

find . -type d -empty -exec rmdir {} \;


It could help somebody...


Best regards !

Par thx8411
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Lundi 29 avril 1 29 /04 /Avr 22:04

I worked a lot on qastrocam-g2 5.0, more 4000 code lignes changed...


Changes planned :


- Uses cmake for building, instead of the old automake/autoconf system.

- Better dependencies management, less libraries required.

- The old libavifile library as been replaced by libav/ffmpeg.

- The migration form Qt3 to Qt4 is almost done.

- qastrocam-g2 becomes a "pure"  Qt4 app. No Qt3Support needed.

- Packages also available for rpm distributions (packages build on Mageia 2)


qastrocam-g2 on Qt4 snapshot :



Par thx8411
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Lundi 29 avril 1 29 /04 /Avr 22:03

qastrocam-g2 4.9.1 has been relased. It's the last version using Qt3. See this post for details :


qastrocam-g2 4.9 to be released soon


Best regards !

Par thx8411
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Jeudi 28 mars 4 28 /03 /Mars 09:59

Hi !


I will soon release the qastrocam-g2 last version, 4.9.

This version will be the last "old style version". The next

version (5.0) will introduce many changes (building with

cmake, new package generation, qt4 migration, libavifile suppression).


Version 4.9 changelog :


Cameras :


- Philips :

- philips cameras partialy supported on kernel 3

- bug on gamma fixed


- QHY5 :

- exposure slider changed

- gains table changed

- filter added for noise bands

- short exposure mod added

- available frame sizes changed

- moves using ST4 port not time limited any more


- camera simulator added


Telescopes :

- telescope simulator added

- generic LX200 telescope added

- nextstar (1.6+) telescope added


Packaging :

- qwtplot3d no more needed


Guiding :

- the sound alert can be disabled

- lost star alarm added in guiding module

- Ra and Dec can be inverted on telescope keypad


Output :

- basic lucam-recorder SER format support


Many bugs fixed and many GUI improvments added !




Best regards !

Par thx8411
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Samedi 23 mars 6 23 /03 /Mars 01:06

Hi !


I worked a bit on astrofocuser. No new features, just a better packaging. See

the changelog :


Version 1.1.2


  • now builds with cmake
  • source package generation added
  • debian package generation added
  • rpm package generation added
  • icon added
  • desktop entry added


Hop it will help !


Download page : link





Best regards !

Par thx8411
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